May 2, 2007

Now I get it. I quit watching those shows on HGTV showing young kids that seem to be about age fifteen or so being led around looking at houses of a quarter million or more, opining about their certainty that they could not exist without seven bathrooms to match their seven bedrooms. Certainly dog Zippy will need his own room also. Then the commentator states that this one that is just between that quarter million and three hundred thousand will fit right into their budget. NOW that is about the time I go ballistic, and I start damaging my wife's ears with WHERE DO THEY GET THAT KIND OF MONEY? WHAT KIND OF JOBS MUST THESE YOUNG PEOPLE HAVE? And then I finish off with a loud HUMPF, and walk away. Now I get it, look at this comic strip and start letting it soak in. They're getting hornswoggled by the loan companies. There is going to be a glut of houses back on the markets because these fifteen year- olds are not going to be able keep up with the mortgages when they balloon, and or other creative things the mortgage companies cook up to help all those fifteen year-olds wanting to live big, live like Bill Gates on a Dagwood salary. If it looks good and you like it come right on up and sign here.

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