May 16, 2007

From Franklin and Winston, by Jon Meacham I found this picture with these words: "I have no one but you to break the loneliness of bustling and bustled existence." The words of Winston Churchill pictured with his wife, Clementine on the Thames during the Blitz, September 25, 1940. How fortunate he was to have a loved one to be a trusted confidante, someone, perhaps the only one, to whom he could speak candid, unfiltered thoughts that he knew would be revealed to no one.

I think about the complete nonsense I have uttered to my confidante, my wife, through the years and I shutter to think that anyone would know how utterly stupid unguarded words between loved ones could sound if they were revealed. After all most of us do not speak for history, but stupid is stupid and we would not like it revealed how really stupid we talk from time to time. Confidantes listen, nod, sometimes comment, but always are trusted with all your thoughts. Churchill was fortunate to have a Clemmie by his side.

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