May 27, 2007

A Book Review:

I have not read the book DEATH BE NOT PROUD, by John Gunther yet, but I will check my local library for it. Non-fiction books written by survivors of tragedies such as John Gunther in this book are usually inspirational, but so depressing. I'll take a chance

The following is exerpted from

John Gunther


Clifton Fadiman recalls:

John and Frances Gunther's son, Johnny, died in his eighteenth year, and was buried on July 2nd [1947]. He was a handsome, tall, fair-haired boy. He went to Deerfield Academy where he majored in mathematics and chemistry. For fourteen months he had suffered from a brain tumor for which he had had two operations. But even after the second, he passed his examinations for Columbia. He was one of the finest, bravest boys we've ever known. After his first operation, the doctors asked John and Frances about the advisability of telling Johnny what was the matter with him. He was so intelligently interested that the doctors thought it wiser to explain, and the older Gunthers agreed. The surgeon went to Johnny alone and told him the full gravity of a brain tumor. The boy listened carefully, then looked the doctor in the eye and asked, "How shall we break it to my parents?' "

[Gunther himself tells the story of Johnny's illness and death in his book "Death, Be Not Proud," 1949. It is a deeply moving memoir of a brave, intelligent, and spirited boy.]

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