April 26, 2007

Sister sister from birth to my final breath
your love I never doubted.
When once we were rivals for the parental love
that we didn't yet know was ours, endless and unquencible.

Sister sister we may have squabbled and bickered
for reasons we knew not why, over causes we were
too young to understand.

Still too young too understand the changes taking place in
our minds and bodies. Yet aware of the urgency and the
rightness of our stands.

As the years passed, and through each crisis we weathered, we
learned one enduring fact, that seperately we were only
half as good as we could be together. Together we were able to
withstand any injustice, any challenge, while forming a
bond that grows stronger even now. A bond only sisters
can attain. A closeness that demands nothing in return for
the love and respect each has earned.

A unity born of common flesh, an undemanding love,
the knowlege that the other will always, always be ready
to extend unqualifed love that will last until one passes
into memory. A sisterhood strong, loving, lasting, a
relationship that begins with challenge and ends with love
that knows no earthly bounds.

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