April 13, 2007

I love to read the latest Robert B. Parker books. They are not very long. They are printed on thick quality paper. They are triple spaced, and the chapters are short. All of the above must be accoutrements earned by a consistent best selling author.

I just recently finished his latest titled HIGH PROFILE. A novel about Jesse Stone, the police chief of a small town in New England, which has morphed into an occasional TV movie starring Tom Selleck as Jesse.

I usually don't find much to criticize in his novels, because they're not nuclear science, they're just a few hours of easy reading, except in this latest book. He, the author, seems to have a hang-up with ending relationships. He, Jesse, has an ex wife who slept around on him on a fairly consistent basis. They got a divorce, but she keeps showing up in his books and the storyline is becoming predicable. To add to the aggravating storyline, he has inflicted this same social handicap on another character in this book, a woman cop, Sunny Randall, who has an ex also with the same hang-ups. Parker has got me to the point where I grimace whenever his ex-wife is mentioned in one of his books because I know where this is going. Mr. Parker, ditch the ex-wife.

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