April 28, 2007

Citizen Bill

by Jim Kittelberger

Bill Moyers is back on weekly television and I for one am really glad to see him back. He is one of the true democrats (small d) who speak for the masses and to quote from a definition of same, shows scorn for bloated dukes and lords in government, business or wherever else he finds them.

That he chose to return to television now is certainly no brain pusher with a scandal a minute breaking out, and politicians by the score out huckstering themselves as the messiah to lead us all out of it. He's seen it all before, heck he was once one of them back in his days of employment for Lyndon Johnson.

Is he liberal? of course he is, but he's not running for anything nor is he talking everyday for three hours in a non-stop monologue trying to convince all of us that it is proper and logical to steer the ship of state from the far right. Everyone knows you cannot see the whole road from way over there. If he himself steers from the center to a left of center it is at least different from our last six years of mono-government and one party rule of all the governing bodies.

If he can shed light on at least some of the murky goings on in secret political places and the established political oversight committees start doing their jobs, perhaps the country will again belong to the people.

In the meantime Citizen Bill may entertain us with some of those artsy people like poets or philosophers; people that one party rule has determined that we should not fund, or even listen to. They, after all, speak from time to time of dreams and hopes and civility amongst all the people, not bad thoughts to have.

Welcome back Citizen Bill.

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