March 14, 2007


One of the things I love about the Internet is the endless variety of subject matter to discover. Today I discovered a site that I know I will be visiting again and again. It's URL is It is loaded with information about radio and a few of its legendary practitioners, such as an interview with Roger Corwin, the epitome of all radio writers, who incidentally is still alive and kicking. He is I think ninety-one years old.

The other living great that is featured is Studs Terkel, a man I have written about previously in the Reader. He is another living repository of history who has and still does write books from oral histories he has done in the past. Some of the subjects he has covered are the GOOD WAR about WWII. He has also written about the great depression and its effects on the people who lived through it. Race relations was covered in another book. I could go on about the things Roger Corwin and Studs Terkel have written, and probably will at a later time, but TRANSOM.ORG also has current presentations, one of which caught my eye is titled: 1000 Postcards; about a father, who is a bus driver, writing a postcard a day to his daughter who is a student at Mt. Holyoke in Massachusetts.

It is a site that is loaded with information, and samples of radios past and present. I will definitely bookmark it and call back regularly.

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