March 30, 2007

A little public discourse with your morning coffee.

After I wrote this I thought about it some more and realized I was like a lot of guys (women included, you don't get off so easy) who just pop off on subjects and don’t really know what they’re talking about. I certainly would be one of those guys. But I’m not apologizing for popping off, just for being a tad ignorant on the subject. That has never in history, I suppose, stopped most of us from ranting and raving about certain subjects. If we only opinionated about what we were fully versed on, it would be mighty quiet out there I think.

I found out a little more on the subject at the Website PUBLIC AGENDA, where they have studied in depth the subject and various remedies tried and how they may or may not be working. I’m not allowed to reproduce their content, why I can’t I’m not sure, maybe their warning not to reproduce means the same as don’t remove the tags from mattresses, but I’ll adhere to their warning not to, but I will give you the address.

Please go there and read, what they have to say about the issue. It made me feel a little more assured that at least something has been done successfully, or at least tried.


You know what I don't hear anymore on the street, or anywhere else?

It's a solution to the drug problem in the world, or at least in the United States. I understand that it is not as easy as figuring out why the old Chevy doesn't run, or discovering a cure for teen-age acne, but here I'm starting to be a little flip about the subject, and I'm sorry about that, but it is a problem for our time that seems to be insoluble. It must be insoluble because I never hear any new ideas being run up the flagpole. Maybe because there hasn't been any new ideas, maybe all the old ideas failed and their isn't any easy ideas to float in front of us.

Only the law enforcement people are addressing the drug problem and they can only do so much. They can get the street people easy enough, but that cures nothing, they aren't the distributors. The drug lords are in a lot of cases foreign drug czars which makes the U.S. drug officers quest to stop them pretty much of a lost cause; especially when the politicians have to get involved when crossing borders become part of the problem, and the remedy. Can you imagine the amount of money we would be talking about from drug czars and the U.S. government? My God do you think there would be anyone above being bought off?

It used to be said that the only way to solve the problem and get a handle on it was to legalize drugs, and let the Government run it. Is that kind of scary or what? One of the biggest enemies of the welfare of aged people in the U.S. is the drug industry that manufactures the blood pressure pill I, and millions of others take daily. No one has been able to keep the legitimate business from stealing from the old and passing the profits along to the rich. I'm not sure the cure is worst than the disease. How would a legalized drug program work I wonder? If we had a legalized program, why do we think that the illegal drug trade would dry up? If we believe in fair trade, and of course we do, wouldn't the drug suppliers just lower their prices, causing the other side to run a blue light special or some other LSD induced colors?

It just occurred to me, has anyone actually suggested that the Government legalize all drugs and take over the administration of it, or has this come down to us as conjecture and turned into an urban legend kind of story?

I, of course have not a whit of an answer or suggestion to offer up. It just seems to me that the money that is generated by the illegal business and the money used to try and combat the plague is enormous, or I should say humongous, and the benefits to all the generations to come is so huge that it needs not be belabored. But it seems to me, an absolute nobody, that a dialog should be opened up to any possible remedies of this heinous situation which continues to eat up some of our best and brightest each and every year, and will continue to do so.

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