March 3, 2007

I just looked at an animated cartoon created and narrated by Mel Brooks, where he says the line, "I'm seventy-one I can talk if I want to, I'm gonna die," to another patron in the movie theater they are in. He of course is commenting on every scene loudly.

The point of that is I'm getting close to that age and I am quite aware of the passing of time. We are getting a new digital phone service through Time Warner so we took the opportunity to buy some new phones. We got the expandable kind, which were recommended by someone. I didn't even know they existed.

I ran across this picture of a candlestick phone and my mind immediately referenced the two types of phones as metaphors of passing time. When I was a tot candlesticks were the latest and greatest, now of course these expendables seem ultra modern to me. I doubt we will go to cell phones, just because we have no reason to have one because of our life style, but I don't doubt they would be fantastic if I was still working.

Ah, isn't technology great!

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