March 6, 2007

How we abuse our bodies and our psyches. I needed to lose weight because I'm getting older and the extra weight I was carrying around affected my joints and my heart. I huffed and puffed a little too much so I agreed to do it. Did I have a choice? Of course, I could of said no and continued to expand my body and build good fat around my heart, but in the end I did have enough brains to know that was no choice.

So I started losing from a top weight of 210 down to 187 as of this morning ten weeks later. My goal is 183. Why 183? Well I was also introduced to the BMI scale. BMI stands for Body Mass Index. It takes your height and weight and compares that against their stats. Mine said I had to reduce to 183 to be average or normal, I forget what they call it. Anything over that is still overweight. So this morning I weigh and I am, as I said 187, four pounds from my goal of 183.

I feel good about it. How good? Good enough to celebrate a little. How better to celebrate? Eat out of course. Off we went to an Amish buffet no less. God knows how many calories I consumed, but I know I topped it all off with a piece of cherry pie.

I don't reweigh again until next Monday, but I am now feeling very guilty, and maybe a little stupid. I don't think in the short run it will have done much damage, but it’s so easy to fall back into bad habits of more is better, the no limits diet plan, with desserts aplenty. I hope I can work on my resolve so when I finally reach the goal, I will not go right out and try to consume a cow.

I guess I'm doing okay on lowering the weigh, I guess though I will have to work a little harder on the psyche part.

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