February 12, 2007

The weatherman predicts snow today, snow tomorrow, and maybe some more Wednesday. I say to that weatherman, as our intrepid leader 'W' so notoriously said, BRING IT ON. The reason I say this so arrogantly is that this is the week that the boys of summer start limbering up in the land of sunshine. They start exercising those million dollar arms throwing to those boys behind the plate. The boys who live or die professionally by not letting one of those pitched balls get by him. Next week the position players arrive and the sport pages will be full of who will become the next big star or who will leave their team high and dry to migrate to a higher paying employer, oh the woes for the fans of free agency. I love it all, I especially love the Cleveland Indians. The Cleveland brass always bring in new talent that is acclaimed as the person who will carry us into October baseball, some where the Indians have gotten to often. But Cleveland Indian fans are forever optimistic that this is the year. Maybe it is.

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