February 19, 2007

My bride of fifty-one years is trying to kill me with kindness. Of course, with that kind of weapon any judge would rule I was certainly of age (I guess) and have no one to blame but myself.

I have been trying to lose weight, and succeeding somewhat. But as anyone who has been through diets before, knows that it's a game of trying to fool your metabolism for periods of time. It will let you lose weight initially, but then something happens and your metabolism thinks you are starving, and being part of the good machine that is the human body, it makes better use of the fats, nutrition, etc and retains it, or loses it slower, thus when you step on that scale, little or nothing is coming off. How can this be? Well anyone who has been on diets know what I am talking about.

I was in one of those periods, and not being too pleased with the whole deal. I want to eat things I shouldn't or at least much more of the standard stuff like breads, gravy, desserts, all no-no's. So I was in that kind of rebellious mood, wanting to eat the tempting looking advertisements I seem to be seeing everywhere I look.

Oh, one more thing; We had reservations at a really nice restaurant for Valentines day night. The meal we would have eaten was their best on the menu. We had planned carefully our input for days ahead to accommodate the calories we would take in, psychologically we were ready to enjoy the evening. Well we live in Ohio, and as far as the weather goes, anything is possible. We got dumped on. Snows ranging upward to seventeen-eighteen inches came in, so we had to cancel. My attitude became darker. When my stomach growled, I did not take it kindly or as a symbol of a diet working. I was hungry.

It is now valentines day and my wife presents me with an invention of hers made especially for the day. She knows I love chocolate so I am presented with the succulent dessert you see above. The part that looks like a chocolate cupcake is pure chocolate. It was great. So where is 'she's trying to kill me with kindness assault'? Well it was like priming the pump after eating that delectable creation. I broke into some homemade chocolate chip cookies she had baked before the diet started, (but I knew where it was). Last night I consumed a large portion of popcorn (large for me) before going to bed. What happened to any common sense this boy of advancing age might have had? Gone.

This morning is Monday, my once a week weigh in day. I take off anything that might add an ounce and stepped up to get the verdict. OH SHOOT. Well what should I expect. Instant retribution came down upon the ignorant cuss. But I'm back at it. I just finished lunch. What's that growling I hear?

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