February 8, 2007

Boy, did I get the dates wrong on this one. I went back to check on a fact or two and I saw the date on the Peyton Place and Sandra Bullock proposed vehicle was dated March 2006. Sorry about that. But I will let it stand because the point I wanted to make was the ignition of memory about a subject after so long a period. Memories can be cozy or instructional. The curse of Alzheimer's is the destruction of our memories. How dastardly is that.

Memory is a marvelous thing. I was browsing this morning and came across the blog BLACKNOIRE, formerly BLACK INK, on which the blogger was writing about Grace Metalious, the author of Peyton Place. I guess a new movie is being made about Grace. The honcho of the deal is Sandra Bullock. First I’ve read about it so I don’t know if Sandra will star in it or not, probably.

But what it stirred up in my memory was my wife and I living in a small cottage behind a State Department employee’s big house in Falls Church, Virginia when I was in the Air Force and we were poor as church mice. One day we were shopping at Brentano’s book store at Seven Corners in Falls Church, Virginia where we purchased two books, not only two books, but the first two books we bought in our married life. In those days hard cover books cost $3.95 cents per. We bought two brand new books, A BRIDGE TO THE SUN and Grace Metalious PEYTON PLACE. We proudly took them home to our little cottage and installed them on a single board bookcase, over a window, placing them right in the middle. It looked right and made the little cottage our home for a while. Several thousand books later and fifty years down the road we still buy books, but at a little higher price than that $3.95 we put down for Grace’s brand new book.

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