February 24, 2007


I sometimes think back on those carefree days when a game of baseball may have been the most pressing thing on my mind, and serious thinking about my future wasn't something I was heavily into.

My whole life it seems has been a series of random or serendipitous events happening serially that have worked out for me very well. But more fanciful, perhaps we are all puppets here on the ground being manipulated by the Gods above, Zeus, Hermes, Thor, and that crowd in their afternoon pastime of the human chess game. Zeus the protector of the human race may have laid his hand on my shoulder; Naw probably not, I’ve just been lucky.

But I do remember thinking of what every kid thinks of now and then; when I grow up I’d like to do this or that. Of course my ambitions never rose above wanting to be a great athlete, which would have been a trick as I was born with nada natural athletic abilities. But just as well, I could dream with the best of them.

I had fleeting thoughts of wanting to be a pilot, a sailor, or many other things all of which were pure juvenile meanderings. But it is a happy time that time of dreams unencumbered by reality. I remember it fondly.

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The People History said...

Our lives are governed by our actions and I to sometimes think that I have been very lucky and blessed in my life , but other times It feels that the luck has been created from making the right dedisions at the right time