February 14, 2007

We in Ohio and many other states have been socked with a lot of snow. As you can see by my pictures of the fake birdhouse on a stick, the snow has really accumulated. I stuck a yard stick in the snow as I was on my way to blow snow out of our driveway for the third time. As you can see, I hope, it was at 16" this morning. The intrepid weatherman says we will get a couple more and then it will move on out of here. On my third cleaning up of the snow I fell onto my left leg which slid on the ice. I though for sure I had broken the darn thing, but I have more luck than sense I guess, so I am quite gleeful at the moment. I am too old to be breaking legs. Just when a person starts patting themselves on their back for being able to do what the young folks do, life has a way of saying gottcha. Well I was lucky today and I am grateful as can be.

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