January 3, 2007

Peter, Paul, and Mary performing Puff the Magic Dragon live in concert.

It seems that perhaps folk music might be making a little comeback, or for those who have never had much immersion in it, an introduction to a new/old kind of music. Music with lyrics that tell a story. In this day of polls about everything and anything, I vote yes, lets have at it. You can't think folk music without thinking about Peter Paul and Mary.

I saw this in Salon a couple days ago:

Folk revival

The spirit of folk was everywhere this year, with a slew of tribute albums to various new hybrid forms -- from freak-folk to folk-punk and beyond.

By Andrew Marcus

Dec. 30, 2006 | "Well, you're in Greenwich Village now, where people come to get away from America. It's not jazz around here anymore -- it's folk music. Jazz is high-hat and aging. Young people have gone mad over ballads, blues, guitar playin' and banjo pickin'."

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