December 26, 2006


Have you fulfilled all those dreams you may have had when you were lying down upon the warm summer grass and looking up into a sky full of meandering white clouds? When reality still did not have a vote? When only feelings and dreams mattered? When anything was possible and there were no limitations? When fear of the future would not have been understood, and we were the hero of all our dreams?

For some of us, the dreams were over by the time we were in grammar school, when the haves and have-nots became visible and understood. For some the dreams were over when we understood our own limitations and we settled into our own comfort zone. But for some, the fortunate ones whose minds would not allow any limitations to be set, whose imaginations would not be smothered by doubts, who paid heed to their childhood dreams and as they grew into adulthood expanded them into possibilities, and finally into reality, I salute you because you are the surrogate for all of us who wished we could of, would of, might of, but didn’t.

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