December 15, 2006

My computer is going into the computer hospital for a little R and R. It needs a little cleaning, and a little adjustment here and there and hopefully will come back rejuvinated. But we will be without a computer from today through next Tuesday. What will we do, what will we do, I feel a moment of panic here. This will be the first extended period of 'apartness'. But I have to look at it as an opportunity, an opportunity to have more time to read, more time to watch television, No that's not an option, more time to talk with my good looking wife, that's a good deal, and maybe a time to take a couple walks before winter slams in here and that option will be lost for a while. So come back next Wednesday and hopefully the computer lamp will be once again be lit, and perhaps I will have some thoughts on how we got through this horrible dilemma, a home with no electronic connection to the internet, ohh my I must be brave.

One more Diet Snapple Real Fact for the road: Real Fact #81-Alaska has more caribou than people.

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Anonymous said...

Ooooh, I feel your pain!
Mr. Dell