December 28, 2006


Well here I go again, time for another diet. Actually it’s been a long time since I went on one, and succeeded in losing any significant amount of weight. But be that as it may be I now have to do it and succeed again. Tests at my friendly local doctor tell me I should lose weight because it is affecting those pesky little things like blood pressure, rising sugar, and that nasty hard to regulate cholesterol. The doc also says some exercise is in order. Oh the nastiness of it, the having to just say no to the offer of pie, cookies, cake, and chocolate candy. The suggestion that I exercise more is a good idea, except I find most forms of planned exercise boring. The only exercise I am able to do with any regularity is walking, which is on the list of good options, but it is now winter and I live in a Midwestern state where the months of January thru April are not too friendly, in fact walking through snow or slush and maybe some ice is not only not walking friendly, but maybe a little stupid. That means I will have to revert to a stationary bike which rates about a fifty on the boredom meter, but since I won’t pedal like I’m in training for the French biggie race, I can perhaps read while I pedal; not great but not bad. But I will succeed this time because I won’t go willingly into pill-land without a fight. By the way my BMI is 28.5, which means I have to lose 27 pounds to return to an o.k. status. So I will not say good-bye to all those goodies I love, but only au revoir, which means I think, later gator.

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