December 7, 2006

Approximately twenty years after the war to end all wars ended, WWII began. Killed in the war that ended in 1945 were approximately 62 million people. WWI claimed 15 million lives. Korea one and a half million. After these wars we had Vietnam, the Gulf wars, and now we have Iraq. Most of the deaths were very young men, some mere teen-agers. How can we end all these wars? Or must the world go through this kind of grotesque butchery every twenty years of so? Some politicians have tried to find an alternative to war, as Woodrow Wilson tried when he pushed the League of Nations, later to become the United Nations. He figured that the politicians could talk themselves to death, but at least we wouldn't be shooting at each other. It didn't work, as the United Nations doesn't, but it was an effort. Is this the only attempt at an answer from all of humankind?

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