November 21, 2006

Rockin’ Chair
Written by: Hoagy Carmichael

Ol’ rockin’ chair’s got me

Cane by my side

Fetch me that ginseng

‘Fore I tan your hide

Can’t get from this cabin

Ain’t goin’ nowhere

Just sittin’ me here grabbin’At the flies

‘round thisOl’ rockin’ chair

My dear old aunt Harriet

In heaven she be

Send me sweet chariot

For the end of these troubles I see

Ol’ rockin’ chair gets it

Judgement day is here

I’m chained to my oldRockin’ chair

(picture was taken in 1931 in Texas.)


Anonymous said...

I think the third line of the lyric is "fetch me that gin, son", not "fetch me that ginseng". Here's a link to a filmed version with Hoagy singing and you can hear the line:

Ricky Grove

Anonymous said...

I recall a review of a Japanese (re?)issue, must've been the 1980s, with the ginseng transcription error causing some amusement.

Jake Young