November 14, 2006

I absolutely love the Internet, and I’m nearing seventy. There is truly something for everyone. I relish books that are set in the forties, listening to old time radio, even reading the old comics from the newspapers. My goodness, you can immerse yourself in subjects and objects that were new when you were. You can read the comics daily just as you did back then. Here is one I look at everyday. It’s Mutt and Jeff, but this particular strip reminds me an awfully lot of Lum and Abner and their Jot-It-Down store. It will probably not appeal to the now generation who will probably dismiss them as ‘hillbillies’ or backward, or really corny, (does anybody use that word anymore?) but back in the time I immerse myself in occasionally, we were not very sophisticated until much later in life. Actually I never did make it to sophisticated, oh well.

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pearlgirl said...

At first glance I thought that it WAS Lum & Abner. Miss their programs, hokey but from a more gentle time. Can you post some of their old radio programs? Thanks for a very interesting site, it has something for everyone!