October 27, 2006

Scrabble has to be one of my favorite board games. I've mentioned before of my liking many of the games offered on the internet, but Scrabble or it's variants, is one of my favorites. I mentioned before also that the site ITSYOURTURN.COM has an offshoot of the game called Jamble that my sister-in-laws husband and I have been playing continuously now for quite a while. So, when I saw this hyperlink in REDDIT, that directed me to this article in SLATE, I had to make the trip. A man, whom the articles states is an ordinary player like most of us, got the unbelievable score of 830 it sent shivers up my spine with the visions of glory that could be within the reach of even us mere mortals. Well not really, but the words he used are not the fancy schmanzie ones, but words like FLATFISH. I could have thought of a word like that. Read the article and dream on. THIS IS THE FINAL BOARD.


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