August 29, 2006

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Bits and pieces......

Some things just keep getting better. Flickr is one of them. Now I discover this morning on either or reddit that flickr now, or maybe has and I am just finding out about it, a blog. Flickr, the place I find a new background for my desktop, now has a place for me to hang out for a while and read a little background on some of its shots.

The baseball season is almost over, and now my favorite team (Cleveland Indians) has discovered new talent and a way to win ball games. Alas some of us our doomed to keep repeating the old saw, wait till next year, but wait till next year.

Im reading Thomas Friedman's book, THE WORLD IS FLAT. I understand the concept, but have not figured out how any of it is good for the American people. Of course I understand how it is a boon for business owners. I have to pay my employee ten dollars an hour or I can outsource it and get it done for a dollar an hour. This is good for the other countries, but again how is this going to benefit the American people?

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