August 25, 2006

Mary Hartline and Dagmar: Two blondes from early television who did quite well for themselves.

I was fortunate to have been around when television first came on the scene. I remember having to watch it through the ‘snow’ the screen produced, but I would watch it as long as my next-door neighbor, who had the first television set in the neighborhood, would allow me to stay.

Two of the early shows were Super Circus and Broadway Open House, and the stars the shows produced were two blondes named Mary Hartline and Dagmar. Mary appeared as the circus bandleader and Dagmar did walk-ons and was the butt of jokes on the show. Both ladies did quite well. Mary ended up marrying a Woolworth and became a lady of society, and Dagmar became a beloved comedienne. more on dagmar more on mary hartline

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