June 20, 2006

I've been spending way too much time messing around with my recent download of GMAIL. I have been using Yahoo as my mail program and it's been working just fine, but you know how it goes, don't you? In the first place they make you get invited to use gmail. Why they do this I don't really know. Maybe someone could let me know the rational behind that. So anything you have to work a little at to get is always better, right? Also I think pretty highly of Google and all of it's accoutrements, is that a good word or what. So I have it downloaded, now they have a deal where you can have other email forwarded to gmail so I thought that's cool. Also if I get my mail from Yahoo transferred to Gmail it would retain the from address of Yahoo if I decided I needed to respond to the sender. Of course after going through the click this and click that and type in this and type in that it doesn't work. I inquired of the help sites of other users and they seem as confused as I am. Well not really, but they're mostly unhappy with the thing also. So I've decided to forget the whole thing, but now I wonder why do I need two mail programs? One is certainly not overloaded and of course I think I have to keep checking both of them just in case a really important, can't wait, read me now, kind of mail is waiting to be opened. Then to top that I already, too hastily notified my loyal friends and relatives that I have a new mailbox and gave them the address. Darn I hate it now if I have to go back now and tell them to forget what I said and go back to my Yahoo address. This makes me look so stupid. Oh well It'll just confirm what some of them think anyway.

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