June 30, 2006

Ah the good old summertime. As a kid I loved it because I was out of school for three months and that was great. But now fast forwarding through many many decades to those autumnal years of my life it is enjoyable again. Last night we went to our local campus of OSU and watched for free under a red and white tent one of five nightly historical portrayals of men and women from our past. Last night was the one I selected to go to. An actor portrayed Ernie Pyle, a journalist who wrote about WWII from a soldiers vantage point and who was also killed on the battlefield. After his portrayal he would answer questions from the audience as Ernie and then as the expert he really was. Quite enjoyable and I learned a couple things I didn't know before. Tonight another freebie. At a local garden center we will be treated to a band concert under the stars by some members of our local symphony orchestra playing, I think, some music from Sound of Music among others. The weather is cooperating just great. After last weeks terrible weather it was dicey but all has turned out well. This entry is almost like a diary entry which I try to not do. I will try not to do it again.

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