May 10, 2006

The two Stuarts

Two of my favorite authors are also two of the most prolific guys out there. Stuart Woods writes an easy to read book featuring several different main characters. My favorite is Stone Barrington, a former NYC cop turned attorney. Woods puts him into adventures that sometimes take him out of the big city into plush surroundings with well to do friends. Of course he’s a stud who flies his own airplane. In fact, and most of us I think are glad of it, he is bigger than life. Sounds like it could be kind of banal but Woods is a master of plotting and the books always move along quickly. Buying his new books, which come out frequently, can be quite costly, as you all know. Books new are never less than 25 bucks a shot and that’s too much for my wallet for a book I will read once and give away eventually. So I get him from my very, very good local library. I am currently on the list of his latest and as usual I am 68th on the list. He is popular, give him a try.

The other Stuart is Stuart Kaminsky. Kaminsky is another very prolific writer with many different heroes featured. My favorite so far because I am a glutton for anything ‘forties’ is his series featuring Toby Peters. Toby is a private eye living in Los Angeles and works in Hollywood employed by various movie stars of that period among others hoping for him to get them out of some predicament. WWII is in progress and he lives in a boarding house with a variety of strange folks. It is light and interesting because at the same time entertaining it brings back to life how it was to live in those days on the homefront.

I give a high recommendation for both for just pure enjoyment.

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