May 10, 2006

One of my favorite paintings was painted by George Wesley Bellows who lived from 1882-1925, and was born in Columbus, Ohio, which is why he is one of my favorites, No, that's too shallow, because his paintings showed energy and realism. That was something pretty new in his day. He and six other guys formed the ashcan school of painting or they were called the seven. STAG AT SHARKEY'S shows that energy. Look at the muscles in the fighters legs and back and blood splotches here and there. He showed the fight fans as the common sort with stogies in their mouths. Another Bellows painting that shows life as it was then was CLIFF DWELLERS, showing a tentament in some large city with I suppose immigrants crowded together trying to get some relief from the heat. I can feel the heat, hear the different dialects and smell the smells.

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