May 24, 2006

If ever I were a public figure, movie star, athlete, whatever, I would hope that I could have the faithfulness, the energy, and the loyalty of groups of fans. A group that, even though the show is long gone still watch reruns and comment on scenes and possible reasons for this or that. I have a particular show in mind. Homefront was its title, and it ran for only two seasons but it struck a cord obviously in many people and they won’t let it go into television history. I admit I liked the show a lot and videotaped it during one of those marathons on Nick at Night or TV land I don’t remember which. I have forty-two episodes, which I re-recorded onto DVD’s when I graduated to that medium.

The show appealed to people on several levels. It was of course nostalgic. It was history. And it was just well done. I was born in the thirties so I lived through those years as a kid and it brings back lots of memories. The attention to details of the day, the clothing, the cars, and the subjects covered are top notch, or I should say were. I am attaching a video clip from a site that is trying its best to convince the owners of the show to release it on DVD. I hope they prevail

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